Price: $468.00 

HexArmor EXT 4012

Price: $42.00 

Pacific R6 "DOMINATOR"

Price: $225.00 

Bullard 'UST' Traditional Helmet W/ RETRAX

Price: $385.00 


Price: $25.00 

You have found our E-Store, Welcome!!

Since our inception nearly 20 years ago, I have always had one belief; that our customers were the key to our livelihood and we must do what we can to serve them. When our original website first hit the internet, we were so proud that we had the chance to communicate our message to the public at large and that it would drive them to us.

It has been several years now and while the original site had its place, it couldn’t sell the products that our loyal customers would follow us from Fire school to Fire school to buy.
We now have the tools to not only sell those items that our customers want, but to support our existing “RAVING” customers with personal login accounts for specific documents for their supportable products as well as be in closer contact with support personnel.

Please take the opportunity to look around our E-store. You will find many of the same items you have purchased before, and some new things as well. If you have any questions, problems, or are looking for something specific, please let our technical staff know. High Tech has over 20,000 different items and we want to make them all available to you!

Thank you for your continued business!

For High Tech Rescue, Inc.

James Riddle
High Tech Rescue, Inc.

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